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Tip of the Hat

26 September 2020

What's Happening At LDH?

Welcome to this week’s Tip of the Hat!

The Executive Assistant has been keeping on top of things and handed over a list of announcements for the newsletter. This week we are talking about all things LDH and catching you up with some developments over in the home office.

LDH in the News

Santa Cruz Civil Grand Jury Report

LDH Consulting Services was quoted in a Library Journal article about the recent Santa Cruz Civil Grand Jury report about the Santa Cruz Public Library’s use of a third-party data analytics product. For those who were out of the office when the news first broke about the report, the article gives a good summary of the events up to now. The article notes that we still have some time before the response from the library is due, so stay tuned to this newsletter for updates.

IMLS Grants

LDH is excited to announce their upcoming roles in two projects funded by the IMLS National Leadership Grants for Libraries program for 2019/2020:
  • Student Privacy in the Datafied Classroom: Identifying Instructional Student Privacy Practices to Facilitate Librarian/Faculty Conversations [LG-18-19-0032-19]
  • Privacy Advocacy Guides for Libraries [LG-36-0073-19]
Each project will deliver practical and useful resources for you to use at your organization, including materials to facilitate privacy discussions with different stakeholders in academic institutions and field guides on how to advocate for and to implement practical privacy practices. We will let you know when these materials are published, so again stay tuned to this newsletter for announcements.

2020 - LDH and You

We’re just halfway done with 2019, but it’s not too early to start planning for 2020. LDH is accepting new clients and projects for the 2020 calendar year! What can LDH do for you?
  • Develop and facilitate customized privacy training and workshops for your staff
  • Environmental scans of current and upcoming privacy legislation (which then helps you when talking to your legal counsel!)
  • Review privacy policies and procedures for your organization
  • Privacy impact assessments of projects or policies
  • Privacy consultation in grant-funded projects
  • For libraries, working with vendors in ensuring the privacy and security of library patron data
  • For vendors, working with libraries in determining privacy needs and viable strategies in meeting those needs
If you are interested in any of the services above, or if you have any other privacy-related projects or concerns, please give us a message at becky@ldhconsultingservices.edu to set up a virtual appointment to discuss how LDH can meet your needs.
Have a question or topic that you want us to write about? Email us at newsletter@ldhconsultingservices.com!